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The mushroom is a healthy and versatile product that can be used for many dishes. It is used for lunch or dinner. The mushroom can be combined with fish, meat and vegetarian food. A delicious dish can be prepared with fresh, tasty mushrooms. But it tastes even better when you know that the mushroom has been produced responsibly.

Voet mushrooms is a professional nursery where quality is a core value. The cultivation process is carefully controlled. All mushrooms are harvested manually. With an enthusiastic team of employees, 150 tons of fresh, tasty mushrooms are produced every week. This is all done with great care for the environment and the employees.

Our nurseries

We hand-pick at all our nurseries.

Voet Champignons B.V.
Maatseheistraat 6B
5408 PA  Volkel
The Netherlands


Voet Champignons B.V.
Meerkensweg 14
5408 PB  Volkel
The Netherlands


Voet Mushrooms B.V.
Bossteeg 3
5464 RH  Mariaheide (Veghel)
The Netherlands

Behind the scenes of our company

Company film

The accompanying company film was shot at our nursery on the Meerkensweg.

In this film you will see:

  • Our working method;
  • The cultivation process of the mushroom;
  • How we treat our employees.


Faster process because we also provide packaging

Packaging department

Since 2014, Voet Mushrooms has its own packaging hall. Here, the punnets with mushrooms are given a lid or seal. The products are also provided with a label. This label can be tailor-made for our customers.

All punnets with mushrooms go to a checkweigher, to ensure that each punnet has the correct weight. For safety reasons the mushrooms also go through a metal detector. From our nursery the mushrooms are directly transported to the store.

Company details


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