Our company

Voet Mushrooms

Within 30 years, Voet Mushrooms has grown from a small-scale nursery to a professional organisation with an excellent reputation among its customers.

Owner René Voet started as an employee at a mushroom farm. He became so fascinated by the profession that he decided to start a nursery in 1988 with his wife Gonny. A small-scale nursery was built on the Maatseheistraat in Volkel. After a few expansions the nursery grew beyond its capacity and a second nursery was built on the Meerkensweg. In 2013, Voet Mushrooms purchased a nursery at the Bossteeg in Mariaheide. The company has now grown into a professional nursery with 44 cultivation spaces with a total of 23,500 m² of cultivation surface.


The company pays a lot of attention to the environment. A natural pond, a soil pipe ventilation system and a heat exchanger ensure that a lot of energy is saved.

Voet Mushrooms is also strongly committed to social employment policy. In this way, all employees are discharged according to Dutch laws and regulations and there is beautiful accommodation available for the employees at the company.


In 2014 Voet Mushrooms was elected by the public as Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year.

The company’s mission:

“Using great craftsmanship to cultivate tasty mushrooms in an economically viable way with a lot of attention for the environment and the employees”